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United States
Current Residence: a pirate ship... XD
Favourite genre of music: J-Pop
Favourite photographer: snap! I'm on fire!
Favourite style of art: anime
MP3 player of choice: ipod nano
Shell of choice: *shrugs*
Wallpaper of choice: Angry Luffy- One Piece
Skin of choice: *shrugs*
Favourite cartoon character: Luffy~ <3
Personal Quote: 'Seigi no senshi...... SEIGI-SAMA!!!!'
Stolen (sorta) from :iconkojika:…

Epitome of Silence:

Let's get started. Boy or girl?
Renata: .... girl >> obviously, you dumbass..
Olivier: a guy.
Elyon: A man.  Wanna make sure?
Felix: I'm a boy, i swear!
Renata: pff!
Olivier: If you say so... *shrugs*
Amyntas: I'm a man...
Tanel: No you're not~!! You're a MANGOAT!!!
Amyntas: STOP THAT!!!
Lemi: I'm a boy~!

I see. What are your names?
Renata: Renata Astr... why? >>
Olivier: Olivier Astr, same last name as my beloved sister, of course
Gwynaeth: *cough cough*sistercomplex*coughcough*
Olivier: SHUT UP! Why the hell are you even here?!
Gwynaeth: To torture you, of course :heart:
Elyon: My name is Elyon. That's all you need to know... for now *wink*
Felix: Felix Nycroy.
Amyntas: My name is Amyntas..... I have no last name.
Lemi: My full name is Lemminkäinen~
Renata: W-wow, Lemi.....

How old are you?
Renata: 21... who's askin!?!
Olivier: Someone's pmsing this week...
Renata: *stabs*
Olivier: *twitches* 24.... ;_;
Elyon: In human years.. 24. In faerie years, I've stopped counting.
Felix: 22
Renata: Seriously?? You look like you're 15!!
Felix: *cries*
Amyntas: 29
Renata: ........... Holy crap... you're almost 30! O_O
Amyntas: *blushblushblush*S-so?!
Renata: B-but, that makes you OLD!
Lemi: I'm 10~!
Renata: *hugs* You're so cute~!!!

What do you think your life expectancy is?
Renata: Til the day that I die.
Olivier: Who knows.. who cares! I'll die harassing that gun freak.
Gwynaeth: *shoots* hahaaa!!! >8D
Elyon: I will live forever.
Felix: ummm....
Renata: five seconds.
Lemi: I dunno!! I hope i live a long, healthy life~!
Amyntas: Not sure.. hopefully not too soon.

What's your height?
Renata: 5'9.
Olivier: Twice the height of that shrimp.
Gwynaeth: I'M GONNA KILL YOU! *shoots Olivier 16 times and kicks him in the head*
Olivier: *dodges* Ahahahaha!
Elyon: They're all idiots... *shakes his head* and 6'2.
Felix:............*whispers* 5'5.
Amyntas: 6'2.... same as that faerie guy..
Lemi: 5'5~! But, i'll be taller when i grow up~!

What is your job?
Renata: I don't really have a job anymore.  I guess it's working to help Tanel with his mission. *shrugs* My past jobs don't matter and if you ask, I'll kill you....
Olivier: My life's purpose is to protect my beloved sister!!  And to annoy the hell out of that bean sprout.
Gwynaeth: DEATH DEATH! *jumps on his head and tries to scalp him with her bare hands*
Olivier: *stands there, bored*  Yeah, thanks for the free head scratch, shrimp.
Gwynaeth: GRRRR! *bites*
Olivier: *stands there with a chibi gnawing on his scalp* You know... that's kind of gross... peewee.
Gwynaeth: GRAH! *stabs a pair of scissors into his scalp*
Olivier: *grabs them and swings her off of his back, dangling her in the air* heh.
Elyon: Idiots, I tell you. I go wherever the wind takes me.  Well, that and helping that waif protect his lover boy.
Felix: I'm kind of with the church... I think.
Amyntas: Well.... I was an assassin for a while, but now, i just tend to wander. I guess I'm also helping Tanel with his job..
Lemi: I used to be a pickpocket.... ;_;

What is your favorite color?
Renata: Red....
Olivier: Probably green...or white
Elyon: Hmmm.... that's a toughy... *glances at the person* What's YOUR favorite color?
Amyntas: Turquoise..
Renata: That's kind of a girly color, isn't it?
Amyntas: N-no!
Lemi: I like yellow and bright colors~!!
Renata: Aww~ You're so cute!!! *huggles*
Felix: I'd... umm.. rather not say...
Olivier: It's pink, isn't it?
Felix: *blush* N-No!!!!
Everyone: .....

What's your favorite food?
Renata: I'm a professionally trained chef... I don't HAVE a favorite food. Why? Gonna try to poison me!?
Olivier: I like anythin that my beloved sister makes~!
Renata: >,> *rolls eyes* idiot...
Amyntas: I like meat..
Lemi: My favorite are peaches~!!!
Elyon: I don't have a favorite food.  Food is food.  But maybe we have similar tastes.  What's YOUR favorite food?
Felix: Marshmallows..
Renata: Ewwww.... gross.

What's your favorite ice cream flavor?
Renata:Strawberry Bannana.
Olivier: Chocolate.
Elyon:Hmm, I don't know...
Felix: Ummmm, cotton candy...
Renata: Are you SURE you're a boy?
Olivier: I don't think he is...
Elyon: He's an idiot.
Amyntas: I've never had ice cream..?
Renata: W-WHAT?!?! You poor soul... *gives a sympathy hug*
Amyntas: *blushblushblushblushblush*
Lemi: Vanilla~

Have you killed anyone?
Renata: Yes.  Leave me alone, dumbass.
Olivier: I haven't yet, but if anyone touches my beloved sister, believe me... there will be bloddshed!
Elyon: Yes.  I do everyday.  After all, I'm a sexy lady-killer. *winks*
Felix:W-what?! No!! Blood makes me.... a bit... squeamish..... *blushes*
Lemi: No! I'm scared of death!
Amyntas: .....

Do you hate anyone?
Renata: Yes. You. Nah, actually, there are very few people that I hate, but I'd rather not mention names.
Olivier: Anyone who tries to bring harm to my beloved sister!
Elyon: You.
Felix: No.....
Amyntas: Yes.
Lemi: I don't hate anyone!

Have any secrets?
Renata: Of course I do, dumbass!  Anyone who doesn't is a freak.
Olivier: Yes.
Elyon: Of course.  A secret is what makes me sexy.
Felix: O-Of course I do!!
Renata: No you don't... You can't keep a secret to save your life.
Amyntas: Yes...
Renata: OOOO~ What are they?!
Amyntas: *blush* Not telling... >///<
Lemi: Uhhm... not that i know of!

Do you love anyone?
Olivier: My beloved sister of course!  But I know someone who looooves meeeeeeeee.... heh.
*gunshot fires from a distance, nearly hitting Olivier*
Gwynaeth: *from 5 blocks away* Damn...I missed...
Olivier: I never said it was you, but if you insist on confessing your love for me in such an unconventional way, I won't judge you, shorty.
Gwyneath: *sets off bombs that are right below Olivier* deathtoolvier,deathtoolivierdeathtoolivier...
Olivier: Awww, I didn't know you cared so much about what other people thought of you~!  Don't worry, I still won't judge you, puny.
Elyon: Of course, I love all my ladies out there~! *winks and blows kisses at the camera*
Felix: W-well.... I....
Renata: Oh, just shut up... *rolls eyes*
Amyntas: Yes....
Lemi: I love my friends~!

What do you do to relax?
Renata: Cook.
Olivier: Make fun of the twirp.
Elyon: I'm always relaxed.
Felix: I...
Renata: get a manicure.
Felix: *blush* NO!!
Amyntas: I walk...
Lemi: I eat candy!!!

Now what are you going to do?
Renata: Do the rest of what I was doing before you interrupted me, dumbass.
Olivier: Torture the short bean sprout shimp woman who is madly in love with me!  Ah ha ha!
Elyon: Probably travel some more with that waif.
Felix: I-I don't know...
Amyntas: Not sure...
Lemi: I want candy~!
  • Listening to: One Piece
  • Reading: Skip Beat, One Piece
  • Watching: One Piece.. I LIKE ONE PIECE, OKAY?!
  • Playing: Phantasy Star, Kingdom Hearts, and One Piece
  • Eating: your soul!!!!
  • Drinking: Smart Water (and pepsi when i'm over at koji's)

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